What are you neighbors saying?

Give me your toughest diet… I lost 22lbs this month!

TH, Downtown San Jose

“How’s your knee pain?” I forgot which knee it is!

ES, Mountain View

I always dreaded having to meet my trainers in the past. Working out with you is the best part of my day!

K, Sunnyvale

I feel like my clothes are slipping off of me when I am at work now.

T, Willow Glen

I just wanted to tone and stay in shape, but now I’m getting a 6-pack!

KK, Poland

I love seeing this progress!

PS, Los Gatos

I’m fitting into clothes which I haven’t worn for years!

IS, Las Vegas

I need you to train me now! My little brother is beating me at basketball after training with you, and it’s making me mad!

MA, Atherton

It feels great to be in control of my health again!

VS, Los Gatos

I think I have to go shopping to buy new shirts to fit my new muscles!

KS, Almaden Valley

It is so motivating to keep seeing these changes!

KS, San Jose

I will cherish the time we spent training together!

AJG, Campbell

My shoulder and neck pain is all gone!

VS, Sunnyvale

My wife loves what she sees now!

PK, Sunnyvale

The best thing I did during this pandemic is to start working out with Vishal!

MK, Poland

Vishal, thank you for everything!

MW, Palo Alto

We can’t convince our 19-year-old son to keep his shirt on at home, since he’s been training with you!

S&S, San Jose

“When we work out with Vishal, we never feel the intensity we expect in a training session.” “But our whole family has never been this strong before.” “I can see you getting in better and better shape each day!”

K&S, San Jose

You have a deep understanding of healthy eating and living.

Z, Palo Alto